Introduction to our Churches

Glenroy, Pascoe Vale Kent Rd and Pascoe Vale South Uniting Churches three churches cooperating together.

Vision & Mission Statements

Glenroy Uniting Church

Vision Statement

To express the love of Jesus for all

Mission Statement

  • Explore ways in which to make contact and inroads into the Glenroy community

  • Find ways to share the grace of God with those who have needs.

  • Care for and enrich the spiritual lives of all, both inside and outside the church



Pascoe Vale Uniting Churches

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a welcoming, growing and equipping community of faith, centred on Jesus Christ, and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Mission Statement

We are called to follow the way of Jesus, to celebrate God in worship and service, to proclaim the Good News and to grow disciples.


76 Wheatsheaf Road


  • Weekly Sunday service
    at 9.00am

  • Communion 3rd Sunday
    of the month

  • Hall Hire:
    Please leave a message
    ph  9306 6104

Pascoe Vale Kent Rd
 Traditional/Friendly Worship
137 Kent Road
Pascoe Vale


  • Every 1st and 3rd Sunday   at 10.30am

  • Communion 1st Sunday of the month

  • Every 2nd and 4th Sunday services are held at the Pascoe Vale South church

Pascoe Vale South
Traditional/Friendly Worship
10 Cumberland Road
Pascoe Vale South


  • Every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 10.30am

  • Communion 2nd Sunday
    of the month

  • Every 1st and 3rd Sunday services are held at the Kent Road church


As we are without a minister in placement at this time, please use the Contact Us page if you would like to discuss any of these


Rev Lynden Broadstock


Many will remember Lynden from when he  was supply minister here in late 2015.  Lynden will be with us from 15 March on a part time basis leading worship services weekly and providing pastoral care, etc

History of Three Churches

Glenroy Uniting Church

Glenroy Presbyterian Church (St Andrews?) began in 1904 in a hired hall in Wheatsheaf Road Glenroy.  Glenroy Methodist began in the 1950"s in a detachable building in Station Road Glenroy. Over the years both churches built more permanent buildings on their sites. In 1977 after union, both congregations combined to form Glenroy Uniting Church. The congregation initiated the formation of the Care Mission
at Broadmeadows (now Lentara) and over the years many of the young adults served on Scripture Union, Beach Missions and Camps. The congregation currently support TEAR Australia, local School Chaplains, Share, Frontier Services and Royal Flying Doctor Services.

Pascoe Vale Kent Road Uniting Church


Methodist services were first held in 1910 in the home of Mr. Tom Giles, cnr. Giles & Pleasant Streets, (diagonally opposite the present Holy Trinity Anglican Church). A church was built further down Pleasant St. in 1911. In1959 the Pleasant St. Methodist Church amalgamated with the Westbreen Methodist Church to form the Kent Rd. Methodist Church, built on land donated by Miss Catherine Breen, and where the Westbreen Bus Depot had been. Kent Road Methodist was part of a large Methodist Circuit which included the Balmoral Avenue Methodist Church in Pascoe Vale South. After union, this Church closed and became part of the ex-Presbyterian St. Andrews Church, now known as Pascoe Vale South Uniting Church. Hence the Kent Road and Pascoe Vale South Uniting Churches are historically linked.

Pascoe Vale South Uniting Church

In 1911 the Presbyterian Church held its first services conducted in the Pascoe Vale area in two school rooms, rented on Sundays, on the corner of Cumberland Road and Gaffney Street.  In 1930 a temporary church building was opened on the corner of Bell Street and Wills Street and was named St Andrew’s
Bell Street West Presbyterian Church.  In 1931 the building was moved around the corner to the present site on the corner of Cumberland Road and Westgate Street and replaced in 1932 with a permanent brick building.  The current church building was opened on Saturday 6 August 1960 and the small hall and kindergarten buildings were added in the 60s and 70s with the large hall/gymnasium added in the late 80s.  In the lead up to formation of the Uniting Church in 1977, the Balmoral Avenue Methodist Church merged with the St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and together they became the Pascoe Vale South Uniting Church.  In 1996 the Munro Street Uniting Church closed and members transferred to
the Pascoe Vale South Uniting Church.