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Uniting Church Engaging Worship
Engaging Worship

We offer a variety of worship to suit all ages. We encourage people of all ages to lead worship, be involved with plays and play musical instruments and we have lay
teams who lead worship.

Uniting Church Sunday School

Young people stay in the worship space during Sunday services and can be involved in leading worship, doing readings, writing songs, playing music, craft activities and performing in plays, etc.

Uniting Church Youth Leadership
Youth Leadership

We have a commitment to doing our best to help our young adults reach their full potential and gain confidence in leadership, public speaking and performance.

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The activities of our churches are Safe Church Compliant and have met the requirements of the UCA’s Keeping Children Safe Policies (which, in turn, address both the Victorian state legislation relating to Child Safe Standards and the Ten Key Elements of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse).

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